Art Work For Sale





The paintings on this page were all completed in the last three years are currently for sale … If you are interested in one, please get in touch.

Large painted landscapes £250   (50x 70 cms/ 80x 60cms framed and mounted)

The Wallpaper series 2016 £250 (50x 70 cms/ 80x 60cms framed and mounted)

Parker-Woolway Photography

Parker-Woolway Photography

Wallpaper series 2015 £250 (50x50cms on canvas)


Other birds £50

Small panoramic painted landscapes £80


Cows £250

12 Birds series £250

Small textured landscapes £80

Animals in clothes £200


Pastel landscapes £150

Prints of any painting from £50.00. Its is possible to mount and frame prints for an extra price.


If an original has sold, prints may be available. Please ask if you are interested.

Commissions available upon request.



Interested in a painting or a print? But don’t have the money for a lump sum payment? I accept payment in Installments and can set up a payment plan for you – contact me for further details….



contact me at

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