the Twelve Birds of Christmas…


I was fascinated when I first stumbled across the idea of the
twelve birds of Christmas from this website  ( and it seemed a perfect way to  combine my love of painting with raising trying to raise awareness of the  fragility of nature.
I’m really keen to raise awareness of the plight and decline of our
native wild birds – the turtle dove being a prime example. There has been a
staggering 91% UK population decline since 1995 in these beautiful birds and I’m
worried people don’t realise that rate at which our native wildlife is
The 12 birds I’m currently painting are: (please excuse the quality of some of the photos, professional shoots are always used for cards and prints) –

A partridge

hes coming…. its a snowy scene!
2 turtle doves

…. work in progress… nearly finished! they are tricky beggars – I can see why they are disappearing…


A  French hen

Parker-Woolway Photography
4 colley birds (a colley bird was a ‘black’ calling bird – a rook, raven or crow) ive done a raven – but hes blue!

5  golden rings was the ring necked pheasant. I love painting pheasants – they
are one of my favourite birds because of the contrasting colours in their
plummage – the red and green found in the head and the petrol blues in their

Parker-Woolway Photography
6 geese

…. work in progress coming soon!
7 swans a swimming


seven swans a swimming

8 maids a milking – was a magpie a black bird with  milky white patches- I sat
down to paint this one but ended up painting a cow!! I love painting cows as you
know so thought it would be quirky to leave the cow in!

Parker-Woolway Photography

Parker-Woolway Photography

9 drummers drumming is thought to have been the drumming snipe

Wow this ones hard!!!! ive tried 3 versions now and am not happy with them so ….. still work in progress
10 pipers piping was also 10 cocks a crowing – I’m working on this one… as
someone who is well known for painting cock (!) it was too good to miss. …. but in the mean time – heres a peacock!

11 lords a leaping is a lapwing – again I’m excited to paint the colours in this
12 is a cuckoo
I love Christmas – we (my family) all cram into my mums kitchen, where all our
respective dogs and cats fight for space next to the Aga. its a time for long
dog walks (usually to a pub!)  family games and reflecting on the past year. Its
also a time to look forward to what a new fresh year can bring.


Happy Festive Season All!


(all paintings are for sale direct from me – Interested???

contact me on tara     @ )

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