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Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Tara Parker-Woolway and I’ve been a practicing fine artist and photographer for the past 20 years. I live in Bourton, South West Oxfordshire, close to the beautiful and inspiring White Horse at Uffington. Here on my Blog you can view my most recent work using pastels, acrylics, pencil and photography, see where my work is being and has been shown and what I am doing in the future.

About The Work

Wildlife paintings are becoming a passion for me. What started with cockerels, chickens, pheasants, grouse and partridge has developed into a love of representing all types of British Wildlife. The raw energy these beautiful creatures have is captured in a fluid almost abstract way.

My drawings are all inspired by local landscapes both in the Wylye Valley (where I come from) and South West Oxfordshire (where I live). I am constantly excited to see the colours and shapes that occur naturally in landscape and the environment which I recreate in my work. I work on commission and have completed views landscapes from all over the world.

My photography can be seen as comments on places I have been and people I have known. Again, it is concerned with shape, colour and pattern and is all unmanipulated.  


A lot of the paintings and pastel pieces that I do are commissions. Clients bring me an image and I create them an artwork from it. Commissions start from £200 – if your interested please get in touch by leaving a comment, calling or emailing me.


  1. Helen Clements said

    Wonderful pics and paintings….particularly LOVE the chickens 🙂 so lovely and full of character

  2. Danielle said

    Looks beautiful, makes me want to go there!

  3. Jane Acott said

    Really love the texture of your paintings. Haven’t painted for a long time as I am a textile artist but I also take photographs. Was really interested in your photographic work too.

    • tara parker-woolway artist said

      Thank you Jane. Its always lovely to hear peoples’ comments. If you havent already, do check out the website aswell – there are many more on there!

  4. Pictures with Chickens are stunning! 😉

    • tara parker-woolway artist said

      Thanks 🙂 checkout the new Animals in Clothes series too!

  5. Gina Garlick said

    Beautiful paintings. There are so many that are so lovely I can’t choose which I love the most!

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