White Stuff Artist in Residence

How exciting is this?

Artist in residence sign

I’m incredibly lucky to have been invited to be artist in residence at ‘The White Stuff Salon’ for next month. There will be a rolling collection of my work hanging in the changing area of White Stuff in Marlborough ….. so watch this space for further updates!
20% of all original painting sales and 10% of all print sales with be donated to CALM – Swindons local children’s cancer charity. I am also donating 10% of my total sales to the GWR ‘brighter futures’ charity.

BUY ART….. Give to Charity!


Saturday 2nd December  saw me painting LIVE in store on Marlborough high street! amazingly calming actually!! I thought id be nervous….. but managed to zone out and just paint which was gorgeous!!


The work being exhibited is a selection of original paintings and limited edition prints I’ve made over the last couple of years. I am obsessed with painting animals and on show are a couple of my signature works from The Wallpaper Series.

The idea behind the Wallpaper Series is that when you have wallpaper in a room – you get used to it… it fades and recedes until you don’t notice it anymore. I believe if we don’t start looking after our landscape and wildlife then, a little like wallpaper, it will fade and recede until all of a sudden we realise its almost disappeared.



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