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How exciting is this???????


OX magazine has just published their December publication and in it there is an article on lil ol’ me! well – I’m mentioned…. it talks about the 12 birds of Christmas series that I’m doing… unfortunately the series as it stands is not quite finished (GOD I hate deadlines!) but as I finish them I’m uploading them here.

the article mentions you can buy them as Christmas cards… well you can….. please email me and I can order some for you if you’re interested. Full set available Christmas 2017! follow the link below to see the full article (or pick up a copy of the OX magazine)




No 1 of the Impasto Ridgeway series has been shortlisted by the A2 Gallery, Wells for their Open Exhibition 2016.


Parker-Woolway Photography

Parker-Woolway Photography

A2’s biennial open submission exhibition showing work from national and international artists practising contemporary and conceptual art. This will include painting, textile, photograpy, ceramics, drawing and print, sculpture, glass and metal. Created to provide motivation for aspiring artists, opportunities for developing artists and also professional artists who are looking to gain support and recognition.

The exhibition runs from 5th- 31st August.




Oxford Artweeks 2016 May 7th-30th

A whole new set of paintings on show in my open studio exhibition starting 14th May until 22nd May.

tpw invite


 Where’s the year going?

All of a sudden its May! the grey fug of January is receding again for another year….. (well  it is today – the suns out, birds are singing! but yesterday it was a monsoon…) Artweeks is looming and there’s a flurry of activity coming out of the Studio! This year I’ve got a selection of work on show again –  new wall paper series paintings, landscapes and ALOT of cows!!


Parker-Woolway Photography

peacock, Wallpaper series 2016

Parker-Woolway Photography

Bee-eater 1, wallpaper series 2016

Parker-Woolway Photography

Hare head 6

Parker-Woolway Photography

5 Golden Rings

Parker-Woolway Photography

3 French Hens

Parker-Woolway Photography

8 Maids a milking

Parker-Woolway Photography

Large impasto landscape – the ridgeway no 3

Parker-Woolway Photography

puffin, wallpaper series 2106

Parker-Woolway Photography

Small impasto Ridgeway

Parker-Woolway Photography

Small impasto ridgeway


brown cow 4






In the grey fug that is January I’ve been painting Bee Eaters to get a little colour and joy in my life


! These ones were done a few days after David Bowie’s death and I think you can really see his colour inspiration coming through!

bee eaters - tribute to a legend

the year has got off to a slow start though with only a couple of paintings so far… I’m looking forward to half term when I’m going to closet myself in the kitchen studio and paint top my hearts content!


I’ve decided that I’m going to do a series of ‘Bee Eaters on wallpaper’ for one of my summer exhibitions.. I’ve been experimenting with backgrounds and trying to work out a colour scheme….



new wallpaper




wallpaper bee eaters


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