News from 2014

Oxford Art Society Open Exhibition 2014

OAS PV Oct 14 5

I’m excited to announce that ‘Cockeral in a lumberjack’ and one of my large pastel landscapes have been selected for The Oxford Art Society Open Exhibition, which this year is being held at the Cloister Gallery, Iffley road, Oxford. The exhibition runs from 1st – 19th October and is free to enter.

Photo: Made up to say Cockeral in a lumberjack and one of my large pastel landscapes are making an appearance 1-19th October, at The Cloister Gallery,   for the Oxford Art Society open exhibition this year. Get in!

Swindon Open Studios @ The Richard Jefferies Museum September 2014

David and Tara Parker-Woolway would like to invite you to view their latest work at the beautiful Richard Jefferies Museum on the outskirts of Swindon for this years Swindon Open Studios. The exhibition is open 6/7th and 13/14th September 204 from 10am-5pm ( although we are not able to be there on Sunday 7th the exhibition is open as normal. )

Tea, coffee and cake are available for a small donation and can be enjoyed either in the beautiful garden or in the cafe area. Parking is available in the overflow car park for Coate Water or behind/beside the museum.

Why not come and visit this fascinating historical home and view our work in this stunning setting. If you have seen our work before come along and see the way it’s developing and if you haven’t made it to one of our shows yet….. This is one not to miss!


Animals in Clothes 2014

I have been totally inspired to add clothes to my  portraits….

I think sometimes the character of the animals in my work is immense and giving them clothes seems to give them more gravitas! Of course I don’t want to be accused of being too Beatrix Potter but we will see where it goes! This one is “The original hare shirt”……

Hare in a blue shirt, 2014

Playing with the scale of my work….

A year ago  (July 2013) I challenged myself to up scale my work – go larger with my paintings… The result being a body of work (19 paintings so far) which is approx A1 –  80 x 60 cms….. they look fabulous and have allowed me to work with a very loose free style. I’ve debating whether to make a series of even larger ones too…..

Yesterday though I decided that I wanted to challenge myself again and so have decided that I am going to try to work on a much smaller scale…. A5 in fact! I have a little black sketchbook  which I have decided I am going to make into the little book of Cock and Bull (cockerels and Bulls/cows being two of its subjects!)…. An afternoon painting in the garden has left me with three pages full already… and I’m loving it! I’ve had to change the size of my brushes as well as my paper – I’ve gone from using size 16 and 18 brushes to using a size 8!!   Going miniature definitely seems to work for me….

painting no 3 in my a5 sketchbook

painting no 3 in my a5 sketchbook

Times flies when you’re painting

Whoa…… June already !

This year has been one of two halves again for me – furiously creating over Winter and then exhibiting come the Spring. Winter 2013/2104 saw a number of beautiful paintings

I’ve been fascinated recently by European Bee Eaters – the colours of their feathers are so beautiful, it seems like you can use the whole colour spectrum on one bird! check them out!

The Galleries Shop, Freshford, nr Bath

My latest exhibtion is in The Galleries Shop, Freshford, nr Bath. This amazing village shop has expanded to have a beautiful cafe and an amazing selection of items to buy. Most products are locally sourced and organic…..

Oxford Artweeks, 2104

The ‘Looming Animals’ series continues too – Cows are joined by Stags, Pigs and more Hares! Come and see them at our Oxford Artweeks Show at faringdon Old Town Hall from 11th-18th May.

artweeks poster

The Vale Artists

Ive also started a new arts group in the Vale of the White Horse, called The Vale Artists. Our first show will be at the Rookery in Faringdon.

The exhibition runs for the whole of Artweeks – from the 3rd until 26th May 2014 and is spaced out over three floors. 6 artists (2 photographers, 2 painters and 2 stone carvers) come together to present a stunning collection of work inspired by nature and our local environment, housed in The Rookery – Faringdons’ newest and coolest coffee shop and hairdressers!

Private view 6-7pm on Friday 2nd May – Come and have a glass of wine and meet the artists. All welcome, the more the merrier!

invitation to the Vale Artists first ever show

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